A REPORT looking at the way Wrexham Council carries out its work has delivered a mixed review on the local authority.

The study was undertaken by the Wales Audit Office and presented to members of Wrexham’s executive board at its meeting in the Guildhall this week.

Among its findings the report said Wrexham has struggled to increase the number of affordable homes that have been built in the county in recent years.

While more services to help older people live independently are being provided further progress is still needed.

On the positive side the council has achieved a big reduction in the number of 16-year-olds who are not in education and Wrexham’s community safety partnership was rated the best in Wales for its work on reducing substance misuse.

The report says the number of children and young people who are referred to social services because they may be at risk of harm has increased following high profile deaths such as Baby Peter in Haringey Council.

The report states: “This means the social services teams have more work to do.
The council has reported that they have not been able to respond to referrals as quickly as required.”

The auditors say that given the wide range of services provided and challenges facing the council it would be unusual if areas were not found that could be improved.

The report did not make any formal recommendations, but said Wrexham needs to consider a series of proposals designed to help it improve.