TALKS are under way between the owners of Wrexham FC and investors interested in buying the club.

Wrexham FC chairman Robert Bickerton said discussions with the potential purchasers were held on Tuesday.

“They have expressed an interest to explore the matter further,” Mr Bickerton said.

“They will want to send their people over as part of the process.

“I can’t give any idea of the timescale for this happening.”

A statement posted on the Wrexham website on Friday said there were two possible investors looking at buying the club.

When asked about the second group, Mr Bickerton said: “The ball is in their court.

“We have produced an information pack available to interested parties under a non-disclosure agreement to give a good and accurate view of the present situation at the club.”

Friday’s statement said the level of abuse and harassment to the present owners and their families had heightened their desire to quit.

Mr Bickerton said it would be better all round for Wrexham to be in the hands of people who wanted to be at the helm of the club.

But he stressed: “Equally anyone interested in buying the club has to be appropriate.

“It is not just a question of having the right amount of money.”

Mr Bickerton added the fans had given the players excellent support in the high profile match on Tuesday against Crawley Town, which ended 0-0, and he felt Wrexham were unlucky not to have scored.