A BUSINESSMAN has been fined £5,000 after he admitted assisting another man to commit an immigration offence.

Gulab Ali, 42, and co-defendant Farseaya Ali, 21, both of Whitebrook Close, Ruabon, appeared at Mold Crown Court where they admitted that between June 2007 and May 2010 they assisted Farseaya’s brother to remain in the UK after his VISA had expired.

The judge told Farseaya Ali that in the circumstances she would be given a 12 month conditional discharge with £600 costs.

But Gulab Ali, who runs a Bengali Restaurant on Wrexham bypass, was fined £5,000 with £600 costs.

Judge Niclas Parry said both had turned a blind eye to what was going on.

“You must understand that the issue of who is and who is not living in this country is a matter of great public concern,” the judge told them.

The judge told Gulab Ali that he knew how serious it was because he had a similar previous conviction.

But they had pleaded guilty and the judge said that he accepted that they had been in a difficult situation.

Paul Abrahams, defending, said Farseaya Ali’s brother had been living with them.

When they were visited by immigration officials, his clients had acted as interpreters.

Mr Abrahams said that when the brother, who gave a false name, started to give his explanation, they had translated it and later felt obliged to go along with it.

“It was because of family loyalties that they perpetuated the lies,” he said.

“They wish to apologise to all concerned for the trouble that they have caused.”

Brett Williamson, prosecuting, said immigration officials visited the defendants last May.

They arrested a man who turned out to be Farseaya’s brother but he gave false details.

An investigation showed that he had remained in the country illegally and he had been dealt with last August.

The brother, who claimed he had entered the UK illegally on the back of a lorry seven or eight years earlier, had since been jailed and had then been deported.