A CONTROVERSIAL new holiday park has been given the go-ahead.

Members of Flintshire Council’s planning and development control committee voted in favour of an application for agricultural land on Caerwys Hill to be converted into a park containing 57 ‘static’ holiday lodges and chalets.

The proposal attracted 11 letters of objection and Caerwys Hill resident Eleanor Bagnall spoke at the meeting against the application, believing it would have a negative impact on Caerwys village.

“The economic benefits are extremely marginal given what the impact on the area will be,” she said.

The speaker also voiced concern over the traffic situation for pedestrians on the 60mph Caerwys Hill stretch, which she felt would worsen with the development.

She added: “Overall, this proposal will constitute a complete change to the character and appearance of this area.”

Caerwys Town Council member Mike Moriarty also raised concerns, including adding to the high number of caravan sites already in the area.

He said: “To have all these caravan parks in such a small area will result in complete over-development at this location.”

Cllr Moriarty feared the site would become a “new housing estate” with occupants spending most of the year there, but a condition of the development is it can only be used from March to October.

The view on over-development was backed by Cllr Carol Ellis, who questioned the need for the park given that there are others nearby.

But most councillors supported the plan for the development at Plas Isa.
Caerwys councillor Jim Falshaw backed the proposals, saying the development would help create new jobs and lead to mature trees being planted.

“The park will be a real asset to Caerwys and the surrounding area,” he said.

Cllr Falshaw added that if the application by Mr A Davies were not approved, then lack of development at the site could see it become a “blot on the landscape”.

Cllr David Wisinger seconded Cllr Falshaw’s proposal backing the scheme.

He said: “We have to take into account the agricultural and farming industry is on its knees and they have got to do something else.

“The tourist industry is something we are supposed to be supporting in Flintshire.”

The development is subject to a long list of conditions, including no more than 57 holiday lodges and chalets being built and trees and hedgerows being protected
during construction works.