FURIOUS motorists are preparing to stage another protest against the rising price of fuel.

Organisers Kevin Bowker, from Saltney, and Ian Charlesworth, from Hawarden, are expecting hundreds of fellow fuel protesters to support their demonstration later this month.

The pair say they are determined to push rocketing fuel prices down through a series of anti-fuel hike protests.

Father-of-four Mr Bowker, 40, has also drafted a letter voicing the group’s concerns which they intend to fax to Prime Minister David Cameron this week.

The football referee, who spends more than £85 a week on petrol, said: “All of us are affected by the price of fuel. We have seen food costs rise because it comes by road and I just can’t see when it is going to stop.

“We are trying to raise awareness and to get the Government to knock down the price of fuel by at least 15p.”

The protest, which takes place on Friday, February 25, comes after a go-slow outside the Stanlow Oil Refinery, in Ellesmere Port last month.

The “people's protest” attracted more than 300 motorists and 150 vehicles.

Ian and Kevin hope their next stand against the “crippling price of fuel” will attract more than 500 fellow protesters and even more national coverage.

The price of unleaded petrol as measured by the Consumer Price Index was £1.27 a litre in January, which the Office for National Statistics said was a record high.

Recent statistics have shown record highs in fuel prices across the region, with some petrol stations charging as much as 129.9p per litre for unleaded and 134.9p for diesel.

Mr Charlesworth, 47, said the 15 per cent rise in fuel in just 12 months was "unacceptable".

“The government’s policy on sorting the deficit is wrong as it is having an adverse affect on the public,” he said.

“It is about time people stood up and were counted. We all know that the deficit needs sorting but there are other ways to sort it out.”

The event, which has already gained more than 100 signatories on its Facebook page, will start at the lorry park at Chester Services at junction 14 of the M56 at 7pm.

Farmers, hauliers, small distribution firms and families have all joined the fight.

The car and foot protest will move slowly along the A5117 to the Stanlow Oil
Refinery site and through Ellesmere Port Town Centre – bringing night time traffic to a standstill.