SERIOUS violence in Wrexham town centre has dropped by nearly 20 per cent.

In year on year figures serious violence, which includes wounding and causing actual bodily harm, has fallen by 19 per cent, say the police.

Wrexham Inspector Alex Goss says working closely with licensees and doorstaff at pubs and clubs has helped to lower incidents of violence.

A number of pubs and clubs are now part of the Nightsafe scheme – a set of rules to follow such as having CCTV in operation and using plastic glasses for alcohol.

Doorstaff also wear visible orange jackets and have access to a ‘crime link’ radio which is also linked to those operating CCTV in the town centre.

“Nightsafe has been a massive driving force in lowering the number of incidents,” said Insp Goss.

“We have also been targeting underage drinking and carrying out test purchase operations. In April last year there was a problem with kids trying to get into premises.”

Across the town there has also been a 14 per cent reduction in violent crime, for slightly lesser offences, which includes common assault.

“It’s about making Wrexham as safe as possible for people to work, live and visit,” he said.

In other figures, of the burglaries reported in the town since April last year 17 people – 44 per cent – have been caught by police.

“To catch nearly 50 per cent of all burglars is hard work and requires in depth investigations, forensics and intelligence,” he said. “It also helps when the public are in touch with us. The fact is, if you burgle a property there is a 50 per cent
chance you will get caught. This is the highest rate in North Wales.”

Insp Goss said burglary in the town was a problem in April 2010 and since then two major policing operations have been in place to tackle it.

Vehicle crime has also dropped by 18 per cent year on year and anti-social behaviour incidents have dropped by 10.5 per cent compared to the same period.

Overall crime in Wrexham town has fallen by seven per cent.