SKIING siblings Chris and Daniel Aldridge are becoming the best of rivals in their quest to out do each other.

The speed-loving brothers are both pupils at Flint High School and got hooked on downhill racing during a family holiday in France.

They are now rising stars in the sport after returning from the Welsh Championships in Switzerland with a medal haul.

Daniel, 11, came first in the grand slalom and slalom events in his age group, while older brother Chris, 14, came third overall in the grand slalom.

Proud parents Joanne, 39, and Paul, 41, run Flint-based insulation firm APS.

Joanne, who is hoping to become a ski instructor, said: “It was on a family holiday in Les Gets in France in 2005 and they both got the bug.

“There is a rivalry between them. They are always competing against each other and they want to beat each other.

“Chris was really happy because his finish was worth more than Daniel’s.

“Now that Daniel has moved up an age group they race on the same courses.

“That is the first thing they ask when they finish if they have beaten each other’s times.”

The pair are members of the Dragons Alpine Racing team and their coach Carl Ryding also looked after Great Britain’s downhill skier Dave Ryding who competed in the Vancouver Olympics last year.

The youngsters, who hope in the future to make the Great Britain team, can reach speeds of more than 100 kilometres an hour.

Daniel said: “My favourite discipline is the giant slalom. We like the training camps abroad with our ski mates although we do have to get up early in the morning to go jogging and do exercise in the snow.”

The brothers keep in touch with friends they have made all over the country on Facebook.

Chris said: “My favourite discipline is slalom because it is fast and technical.

“I get really nervous before a race and when you are waiting, but once you have left the gate you concentrate on your lines and the course and all your nerves go away.

“At the awards ceremony, I was expecting Daniel to win the medal but I was really shocked when my name got called out. I was really proud.

“Our school is going on a ski trip in February – so a lot of friends have been for ski lessons and enjoy it, so we might get some other friends to join our school race team.”