ARMED response vehicles were dispatched to a Flintshire pub to help outnumbered officers during a mass brawl at a party.

Police from as far as Wrexham were called to deal with 150 people, some of whom were fighting, outside The Albion Hotel in Church Street, Connah’s Quay in November.

A man was slashed with a knife and cars were damaged.

The full scale of the brawl has now been revealed as police are asking Flintshire Council’s licensing sub-committee to curb the pub’s licensed activities and impose strict conditions.

A police report to the committee says: “The grounds for this review are as a result of two incidents of crime and disorder and incidents of under-age drinkers having consumed alcohol on both occasions at these premises.”

Referring to the first incident in November, the report adds: “On arrival of police officers it could be seen that a large group had congregated.

“It was reported that two persons had gone down Church Road and one may have a knife.

“A call was then received by the force control-room by a female saying someone had been slashed across the chest – not bad enough for an ambulance but had been cut through his jumper.”

No serious injuries were reported. The report says doormen were struggling to contain the situation and after police were called, an officer called control to report “we are outnumbered, (there are) 150 people here”.

It adds that in December, police returned to the premises after a fight broke out again. Up to 100 16 to 17-year-olds, many of whom were drunk, had crowded around to watch and encourage a fight which had broken out between a number of girls, one of whom was 15.

It adds: “Approximately 15 to 20 officers were deployed to the scene. The crowd was dispersed and ushered into the main road.

“The noise and general commotion caused to local residents was of enormous concern. Many of these persons were from the Buckley and Hawarden area.”

All door staff were registered but were unable to manage the high number of guests, it says.

The report said the evidence suggested under-age drinking was an “entrenched culture” at the venue.

It adds that the premises’ supervisor, James Beddon, has expressed his wish to work with the local authority and police to prevent any further incidents.

Police are asking for measures including the installation of CCTV cameras, banning 18th and 21st birthday parties, sixth form and school-leaving parties and any other events for people under 21 as well as reducing licensed activities to between 7pm and 11pm Monday to Sunday. The committee is set to review the request at a meeting on Thursday.

Mr Beddon said yesterday: “I need to speak to my solicitor tomorrow before I can make a comment.”