IT IS not every day that a Sunday League team are cheered on by an ex-Premier League player.

But for the Brynteg Inn team that is exactly what happened when football legend Robbie Savage dropped by to watch their game against The Red Lion Marford.

The controversial Wrexham-born character, who is retiring at the end of the season, came to visit his mum and dad in Bradley at the weekend.

And Brynteg manager Martin Edwards wasted no time in asking the Derby midfielder to sign for his side.

“He came along to watch us and joked he would sign for me next season,” said Martin.

“He’s retiring from football and going into the media. He does want to sponsor us and get involved though.”

Lifelong friend Martin drives for Robbie and was delighted that his friend took time on his visit home to watch the game in Llay.

Taxi driver Martin, 51, of Gwersyllt, met the footballer years ago when a young 12-year-old Robbie used to accidentally kick a ball into his garden.

The tale is regaled in Robbie’s autobiography which came out last August.

Martin, who is godfather to Robbie’s seven-year-old son Charlie, kept in touch with
the footballer and often drives him around the country to different jobs.

“I had driven him to Portsmouth as he was on the BBC radio show and he told me he was coming home to see his mum and dad,” said Martin.

Keen to catch up on some local footballing action Robbie watched as Brynteg beat The Red Lion Marford 6-3 and even took being given a tongue in cheek red card as a bit of banter.

The footballer held the record for receiving the most yellow cards in the Premiership and was famously fined for using the referee’s toilet before a match.

“He was just having a laugh and joking with a couple of the lads including Ricky Evans who plays for Brynteg,” Martin said.

“A lot of the lads know him. He turned up in a new Bentley with his white trainers on and was worried about getting them dirty.

“He’s easy to approach and just speaks to people.

“He’s down to earth and a proper lad who winds you up and takes the mick.”

It was a big day for Brynteg as their victory over The Red Lion Marford ensured they won the Sunday League title.

Speaking to the Leader ahead of a book signing last August, Robbie revealed he would like to end his career by managing Wrexham FC.

At the time he said: “The only way I would go back to Wrexham would be to manage them.”

Robbie has recently been enjoying launching his career in sports media, including appearing on Match Of The Day 2 and BBC Radio 5 Live’s football phone-in 606.