WREXHAM FC legend Mickey Thomas says he is bitterly disappointed for the club that attempts to establish a settled future have been dealt a massive blow.

On Tuesday Wrexham announced the company poised to take it over had pulled out of the deal. A statement released on its website said Van Morton Investments had withdrawn from options to buy the club, stadium and training ground.

Speaking about the latest situation, Mr Thomas said: “The pull out was a blow, and it is the fans I particularly feel for. They are amazing people, giving their support through thick and thin.

“The current position is a big concern for everyone. I hope that the right person who has the right motives can be found to take over.

"But it will be difficult. There is not a lot of money about these days.”

Wrexham’s new chairman Robert Bickerton said he was disappointed Van Morton had pulled out but stressed he was determined to push forward and do his utmost for Wrexham FC.

“The current owners told me what had happened. Obviously it is a disappointing development,” said Mr Bickerton.

“But our management team is determined to carry on. We have achieved a good, professional working relationship with the owners Ian Roberts and Geoff Moss and have been asked to continue.”

Mr Bickerton said he and colleagues, commercial director Jon Morris and chief executive Tony Allan, had a wealth of experience in football management adding up to some 50 years and they were using that expertise to try to source further potential investors for the club.

Mr Bickerton said one of the key issues for them was to talk to supporters and he invited people to get in contact with Wrexham expressing their opinions.

The chairman said one of his potential proposals was for the Wrexham Supporters’ Trust to identify a candidate who could sit on the board as a fans’ representative.

Mr Bickerton also said the management team might host a fans forum, but if it went ahead it would be unlikely to happen before the end of the season.

Mr Bickerton said he would not recommend any potential takeover deal that did not have absolute guarantees of keeping the stadium for the football club.

“That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t recommend a deal that involved an option on the Racecourse. But that option would have to be in tablets of stone,” he added.

Lindsay Jones, of the Wrexham Supporters’ Trust, said a public meeting the group was planning to hold towards the start of March might be put back by a week.

“That will give us more time to get everything in place. The details have yet to be finalised,” said Mr Jones.

“The trust is willing to work with anyone who has a sustainable plan to put Wrexham FC where it belongs. We want to know where the club is going. The events of the last few days have been bizarre.”