THEY say seven is a lucky number.

Try telling that to homeowners Sharon Reeves and Dale Jones, who fear it is only a matter of time before someone is killed after a car crashed through their fence.

It is the seventh time the couple, who live on Fennant Road, Ponciau, have been left to pick up the pieces in the wake of a vehicle careering onto their property.

Dale says that in the latest incident their neighbour, who was walking his dog at the time, was lucky not to have been hit.

He said: “If he had been in that spot just a few minutes later he could have been seriously hurt or killed.

“It’s a very dangerous area – there’s no pavement, the road’s narrow and buses struggle to get through.

“We’re just sick of being left to pick up the pieces of other people’s carelessness.”

The couple are furious nothing has been done to protect them and their land.

Sharon says drivers do not appreciate the potential consequences when they travel down the sloping road towards their property.

She said: “This is becoming ridiculous. It’s not just the expense of repairs that worries me, although that’s bad enough.

“We keep livestock on the land and every time the fence or wall comes down I have to tether up all the animals to stop them wandering on to the road and getting hit or lost.”

Sharon said the latest incident happened on Saturday morning but the worst took place in August last year when joyriders took the hill too quickly and ploughed their stolen vehicle through a wall which collapsed on to their own car.

The culprits were taken to court but did not have to pay for damages because they were unemployed.

The couple footed the repair bill themselves.

Sharon said: “We ended up paying out £5,000 to repair our car and £2,000 for the wall.

“The road’s supposed to be a 30mph zone but people come steaming down at double that.

“All I want is a crash barrier or something so we’re not bearing the brunt of other people’s stupidity.”

Paul Pemberton, councillor for Ponciau, sympathises with the couple’s predicament and contacted the police about the incident.

He said: “The problem is ongoing and I know the couple have suffered a number of incidents over the last few years.

“People use Fennant Road as a main route into Ponciau to avoid Hill Street.

“There was an Arrive Alive survey carried out to test the danger in that area but it found nothing to cause great concern.

“However, I know there are plans for a development in the area in the near future and an attached 106 agreement (between the authority and owner/developer) will ensure funding is set aside to address the problem.”