PUPILS have been given the opportunity to leave their mark at school thanks to a special homework assignment.

More than 700 pupils at Holywell High School are competing to design a new school badge.

The competition is part of a range of ambitious plans by headteacher John Putt who launched a school improvement plan when he joined three years ago.

He said: “This is just the start. We aim to embrace the new decade with some major changes on the outside, to reflect the way we have changed on the inside.

“Since our learners have achieved the best results ever in Holywell’s history, we feel they should have a major say in the school’s new look.

“The new badge, plus the development of many other significant elements in the way others see us, are yet to be announced.

“The programme, which will roll out through 2011, marks a big turning-point based on a solid foundation of major achievement to date and success to come.”

The current badge, a cross on a shield incorporating the school colours of black and red, dates back almost 60 years and reflects the school’s link with the town of Holywell and not any particular faith.

The winning design will be judged at the end of the spring term by a staff panel of judges, plus an independent judge, and the winning pupil will also win music vouchers worth £25.

Pupil Nii Okai Roberts-Tettey, 11, from Greenfield, said: “I think it is a good idea to change the badge.

“It is also good for us all to work on it so that we can express our ideas.”

Mark Seale, faculty head of modern languages, music and Welsh, launched the competition with an inspirational presentation showing well-known names and logos from the high street and the internet and emphasised the value of simplicity, impact and the vital bilingual element.

He said: “Youngsters are more informed than ever before on the importance of a logo from public awareness around the Olympic logo and its values.

“They now realise the need for a design of a new badge or in effect a new logo for Holywell High.

“The new badge will stand for the new higher standards and values the school has achieved.”