COMMUNITY leaders believe supporters should be more closely involved in the Reds’ affairs.

Wrexham MP Ian Lucas described the club’s situation as complex, adding he would have preferred Wrexham FC and the Racecourse to stay as “one entity”.

He said: “I would have liked to have had supporters’ involvement in that organisation.

“I would like to meet the new owners as soon as possible to find out their intentions.”

Mr Lucas said he will meet Wrexham supporters this week to talk about the club and had met with Geoff Moss and Ian Roberts on Friday.

He said: “I made clear during Friday’s meeting that any proposal to separate the ground from the club would be something I would regret.

“I want to see a community-based approach to the club and ground and I made this clear to Geoff Moss and Ian Roberts.

“I still think such a solution is achievable but the situation has been made more complicated by the introduction of a new set of owners of the football club.

“I will be looking to meet with any new investors in the near future and make clear my views to them that the football club and The Racecourse ground are inextricably linked and the supporters of the club need to be involved in its future ownership and management.

“The situation at the moment remains fluid and for me the next step will be a further meeting with Wrexham Supporters’ Trust.”

Lesley Griffiths, Wrexham AM, said: “The fact the club appears now to have a different ownership from that of the ground seems to be a final act in a long line of asset stripping moves taken by successive owners and directors.

“Like many of the fans at Wrexham FC, I see this as highly worrying news.

“I do hope, however, that Van Morton Investments work to develop a more healthy relationship with the fans than has been the case with owners in recent years.”

Cllr Phil Wynne, of Brynyffynnon ward, said: “I am very disappointed in what has happened. It would have been preferable to sell to a consortium of Wrexham fans.

“This has to be treated as a matter or urgency. We have to know the full details of what is happening and ask the new chairman what are the plans for the club.”

Marc Jones, Plaid Cymru’s Assembly candidate for Wrexham, said: “I have been asking for clarity and transparency regarding Wrexham football club’s possible sale.

“The announcement of the sale to an entirely new company does nothing to promote that clarity and transparency for fans.

“The news that this new company will also seek to buy The Racecourse and Colliers Park training ground at a later date seems to contradict earlier statements that talked about the need to separate ownership of club and ground.

“As a result, there will naturally be concerns among fans that the deal with a new company will cause more instability at a time when the team is doing so well on the pitch.”

He added: “If Wrexham FC is to have a stable future at The Racecourse, it is vital that all interested parties – including fans, the Football Association of Wales, Glyndwr University and the Welsh Government – are a part of that future.”