A TABLE moved on its own across the room, a mysterious shadow appeared on the wall and there was a visit from a friendly serving maid.

These are among the spooky phenomena members of a ghost hunting group claim they encountered when they carried out an overnight investigation at a reputedly haunted former coaching house in Llangollen recently.

At the end of the probe, Howard Hughes, director of Wrexham-based paranormal group Spirit Quest UK, said: “The Cambrian House should definitely go on the most haunted list.”

Cambrian House is now a B&B run by Carole and Roger Honey who claim to have experienced lots of strange goings on over the years, including the appearance of a man in grey, locked cellar doors opening in the night and the sound of horses’ hooves from the old stable area.

The Spirit Quest investigation involved members of the group and nine members of the public who had paid for the experience.

Mr Hughes said: “During the night we made contact with an overwhelming number of spirits that included a stable boy, Mr Davies who used to be a resident in the small cottage that is now part of the Inn, several children – one a little girl named Dilys and another named Lucy – a woman called Hilda Saunders, a serving maid named Jeanette and a woman named Matilda.”

These names are now being checked out by the group’s historian.

In a table-tipping session later in the night the group claims to have seen one table “walk” across the room on more than one occasion and end up being violently tipped over.

The group believes the most exciting and dramatic piece of evidence of a haunting was a shadowy figure which members captured on video.

Mr Hughes added: “We never encountered anything negative there at all, but the house seems to be bursting at the seams with friendly ghosts.

“We hope we can promote it as one of the area’s most haunted buildings as that’s what it deserves to be known as.”

The group is planning to return to Cambrian House on Saturday, February 19 and is inviting interested members of the public to book places on the investigation.

For details view the group’s website at www.spiritquestuk. co.uk, or call 07542 573723.