A PENSIONER was so inspired by his upbringing by the sea that he has launched an exhibition of marine artwork.

Talented Alan Evans, 69, has drawn on his childhood memories in the seaside resort of Bangor to produce a selection of work going on display at Flint library.

He now lives in Mostyn and says it was a seafaring family and a deadly illness that prompted his love of drawing.

He told the Leader: “I have always had an interest in the sea.

“I wanted to go in the Merchant Navy myself but my father, who was a seafarer for most of his life, wouldn’t let me join.

“I had tuberculosis at the age of nine and was confined to my bed for about 12 months.

“My father would always bring me comics home and that is where I got the idea of drawing.

“In secondary school, my art teacher thought I had something special and one of my pictures ended up at Plas Mawr townhouse in Conwy when I was 13.”

It was only when Alan took retirement from office work at building firm HSS Hire in Chester that he took up his hobby full time.

The Macmillan Cancer Support volunteer has a special way of creating each masterpiece.

And for this exhibition he has used a rather unusual medium – Tipp-Ex.

“When I left school I kind of forgot about art,” he said.

“But in the last couple of years I would pick up my sketch book and draw in front of the television.

“It has grown from there.

“What I have done for this exhibition is Tipp-Ex drawings on pieces of black card.
“I can see the improvement with each piece and I am rather excited for this exhibition now.”

Alan is supported by wife Sian, 58, an applied arts graduate from Glyndwr University whose pottery will also feature in the exhibition.

Sian explains their next venture: “Alan has always been drawn to the sea.

“He will never sit down and draw something from sight.

“He researches it for hours and then draws from memory.

“Next we’re hoping to work together again on a ceramics project where we will transfer some of Alan’s drawings on to my ceramic bowls, plates and mugs.

“We could be like Gordon Baldwin and his wife.”

The marine exhibition has been on display at Holywell Library and moves to Flint Library, running from February 1 to 28.

Prices range from £25 to £85.

Fifteen per cent of sales will go to Macmillan Cancer Support and 15 per cent to the RNLI.