THE decomposed body of a recluse was found in his home two months after his death, an inquest has heard.

Neale Fraser Sedgwick, 50, of Berwyn, Llangollen, who was born in Rossett, was discovered partially decomposed on October 14, although it is believed he died in mid-August.

Deputy North East Wales coroner John Gittins returned a verdict of death from alcohol abuse.

The inquest heard that Mr Sedgwick had given friends and family the cold shoulder and had last seen his family in February at his parents’ golden wedding anniversary.

His father Ronald said: “He sort of wrote his friends off and spent a lot of time working for himself, with work on cars or for the house. We knew he was drinking and we were shocked at his condition.

“We had spoken to him about it.

“His mother rang him every night, but he never rang back and we did not hear from him after the wedding anniversary. He made his choices, he did not want to speak to us.

“When he saw his friends he gave the impression he was giving them the cold shoulder.”

Mr Sedgwick’s sister, Alison Griffiths of Nantwich, had gone 12 years without seeing her brother and spoke of the last time she saw him at the anniversary.

She said: “He was pretty bad, very shaky, he could not hold himself together.”

The inquest heard that Mr Sedgwick, a former industrial central heating fitter who was unemployed at the time of his death, had lived in an isolated area as a recluse.

Neighbours said it was usual not to see him for long periods.

But his postman had become concerned about the amount of post piling up at the property and called the police.

PC Philip Lewis Griffiths attended the property and forced entry finding cider cans
“littered” in the kitchen.

He said: “I came to the bedroom where I saw the body on the bed in a decomposed state.”

The cause of Mr Sedgwick’s death was given as cirrhosis of the liver caused by alcohol abuse.

Mr Gittins said evidence of unopened mail and the condition of the body pointed to the date of death as mid-August.

He said: “We know for a fact Mr Sedgwick’s death occurred much earlier than October, but there is no proof. Given the evidence and the state of the liver the death is a result of alcohol abuse.”

Mr Sedgwick missed his mother’s funeral in August, although it is unclear if he was alive at the time of the service.

Addressing Mr Sedgwick’s family Mr Gittins said: “Your attendance shows you never gave up on him.”