A FAMILY have been left devastated after their beloved puppy was killed in hit and run accident.

David Close, from Saltney, was taking 11-month old Honey for a late night walk when a car struck the unsuspecting puppy and made off.

The Japanese akita cross Staffordshire bull terrier lay lifeless for five minutes until she died in David’s arms.

David, 25, says his partner Jodie Wild, 21, daughter Caitlin, three, and one-year-old son Connor have been left “heartbroken” by the tragedy.

David, of Irvings Close, told the Leader: “I was walking on the pavement and Honey was walking alongside me on the road.

“I didn’t have her on a lead because it was so late at night and nobody else was around.

“She has got very good road sense so I had no reason to be worried.

“Suddenly a car raced by and struck her. I estimate they were travelling at least 50mph in a 30mph zone.

“I wrapped my coat around Honey and stayed with her for about five minutes before she passed away.

“I was devastated. A neighbour on the street came out to find out what was going on.

“She said she heard a massive bang and thought a person had been hit.”

The incident happened at about 4am on Saturday outside St David’s High School.
David said he will wait until his children are older before he replaces Honey with another pet.

The family is now urging anyone with information to contact police.

David added: “Honey was brilliant with the kids. Caitlin keeps asking where Honey is and all I can say is that she is in the sky.

“Then she asks if we can go on a plane to see her.

“It is just heartbreaking.”

The incident has been reported to both North Wales Police and Cheshire Police who are investigating.