A MAN escaped death after plummeting 25ft while attempting to jump from one city rooftop to another.

A major operation was carried out to rescue the 21-year-old, who jumped and missed his footing on a building in Northgate Street, Chester.

Firefighters attended the scene in the early hours of Friday after the man used his mobile phone to call for help.

After making his way across the four storey-high roofs, he had fallen 25ft – but avoided an 80ft drop that could have killed him.

Crew manager Ant McCarthy said: “Suffering with back and hip injuries, lying face down unable to move and with no one there to assist, the only means of contact with anyone was by his mobile phone.

“Fire service personnel arrived at the scene and after searching the rooftops located the male in a difficult area to access.”

Mr McCarthy called for the Bronto aerial platform from Chester, which was driven and operated by firefighters Matthew Lewis and Stu Bramham.

The North West Ambulance Service's Hazardous Aerial Rescue Team from Manchester and Line Rescue from Knutsford were also called to the scene.

Emergency workers conducted a three-hour operation to get to the fall victim and administer first aid.

NWAS spokesman Fiona Bateson said: “At first it was thought the man was paralysed from the waist down, but he could still move his feet.”

The man, who has not been named, was removed from the site by cage, placed on a spine board and taken to hospital.

A spokesman said he later regained sensation in his legs.

Mr McCarthy said: “This was a well worked multi-agency incident, with police, ambulance and rescue crews working together.

“Without the use of the important Chester Bronto and its crew, it would have prolonged rescue procedures.”