A WREXHAM FC director has stepped down from his position and condemned the “vitriolic abuse” the owners have received from fans.

Paul Atkinson released a statement on Friday afternoon saying his post was only intended to be temporary.

But the move is likely to fuel further speculation among supporters over the future of the club.

Mr Atkinson said his short stay in the post had only been lengthened in response to the resignation of Paul Retout and requests made by Geoff Moss and Ian Roberts.

He said: “I now have another full time role to fulfil, which is taking up the vast majority of my time and I have not recently had time to be present at the club sufficiently to represent them properly as a director.

“This, together with the presence of Rod Findlay, plus the potential for new owners of the club, means that it is fitting for me to stand down as a director.”

Mr Atkinson said he will remain a director of parent company Wrexham Village “for the time being”.

He added he had enjoyed his time with the Reds and, despite acknowledging it had been difficult at times, said he always felt stimulated by his work.

But he said: “Unfortunately I do feel it necessary to point out one negative regarding the club – the actions of a very small minority of fans.

“I have worked with Geoff for many years and with Ian since his involvement at the club.
“Both men have absolutely the best intentions for the club and the ground and while owners can expect criticism, the vitriolic abuse they receive at times is quite shocking and very disappointing.

“Plus the contacts made with other members of the owners’ families is simply wrong.”

Mr Atkinson paid his respects to the views of the majority of fans who wish to see the club progress – an aim he said has always been shared by Mr Moss and Mr Roberts.

He said: “Both men recognise the need to put the club on a sound business footing in order that it can survive these hard times.

“I wish the club every success and I will continue to attend matches as often as I can.

“I am looking forward to a successful 2011.”

Last week it was revealed Mr Moss and Mr Roberts had used The Racecourse ground as security against loans to rescue Crusaders rugby league club from administration, prompting fury from fans.

On Friday the Leader printed seven questions submitted by Wrexham Supporters’ Federation that the fans want the club’s board to answer.

Mr Moss and Mr Roberts were yesterday unavailable for comment on Mr Atkinson’s decision to stand down.