YOUTHS involved in rowdy behaviour could be filmed by the police as part of a new initiative.

And as part of Operation Golden Eagle the footage could then be shown to parents and guardians so they know what their children have been doing.

The operation in the Wrexham south policing division is launched today and is aimed at identifying where and why anti-social behaviour happens.

Insp Iwan Jones has been given a number of high specification digital cameras thanks to Wrexham’s Community Safety Partnership.

Officers on patrol in villages across the district will be able to target anti-social behaviour hotspots and then film the evidence.

Rhos-based Insp Jones said he then hopes to show the video footage to parents and guardians of the youngsters to make them aware of what is happening but he has stressed the filming is not covert and that the youths will be told clearly that they are on camera.

“It’s about identifying where the anti-social behaviour is happening and finding out why it is happening,” he said.

“We will be utilising this technology to document a number of types of anti-social behaviour. Where low level anti-social behaviour is detected we will be using footage to make parents and guardians aware of the occurence.

“We will be inviting the youth and their parents in on a Friday or Saturday night to view the footage.

“The footage is from a purely preventative perspective and can be viewed by parents if they wish.”

Insp Jones said he hopes this will help resolve why the anti-social behaviour is happening.

“We also want the public to contact us if they know of an area where anti-social behaviour is happening. If you are experiencing any problems we would ask you to contact us through the Neighbourhood Policing Unit by phone or email.”

The operation comes after anti-social behaviour in Penycae.

“The incidents have been where youths congregate on street corners,” said Insp Jones.

“We have been looking at provisions in the area for youths and working with the council to come up with solutions.”

Insp Jones added that year-on-year figures for Wrexham and Flintshire show that anti-social behaviour has fallen by 15 per cent.