A CARE worker hanged herself while she was in dispute with her employers, an inquest has heard.

The body of Beverley Kelly, 31, of Mechanics Lane, Pentre, was discovered late on August 26 last year at an empty property belonging to the family on Chemistry Lane, Pentre.

She had taken an overdose.

On the same day, Miss Kelly had been called to meeting at Phoenix House Residential Home, Sandycroft, to discuss her suspension, but she had been unable to face attending it.

She had been suspended the previous month over allegations about discrepancies dispensing medications by a method known as “pre-potting”.

Mum Phyllis Kelly spoke movingly about her daughter during the inquest at Flint yesterday.

She said: “Beverley was very caring. She loved her job and she had done it since she was 16.

“She had a really good sense of humour. She was kind, took everything in her stride and was quite strong minded.

“She was very conscientious in her work and was dedicated to the people she cared for.”

Ms Kelly said the suspension had been imposed when a box containing pre-potted items was dropped by her daughter and one of the residents trod on it.

Her daughter cellotaped the box together, but she put the broken items down the toilet and wrote a note for her employers about what had happened.

The inquest was told Miss Kelly was contacted by senior management on Monday and informed she was being suspended, with the company alleging they had not received her letter of explanation.

Although police were brought into the matter, they found no evidence to warrant continuing investigations or suggesting Miss Kelly had taken the drugs.

Ms Kelly added: “She didn’t know what she was being suspended for. All she knew was that was she was being accused of taking tablets.”

On the day she died, Ms Kelly said her daughter had made clear how desperate she was not to attend the meeting and had been crying.

That evening she left her phone and jewellery at her sister Charlotte’s house and the family became concerned for her whereabouts.

Lynn Mitchell, lived close to the Chemistry Lane property which Miss Kelly and her partner were renovating with a view to letting.

On the night of August 26, Ms Mitchell spotted somebody in the property and went to investigate.

She found Miss Kelly with a cord around her neck.

Alcoholic drinks were on the floor around where she was found.

Ms Mitchell described finding Miss Kelly as “deeply upsetting” and called for an ambulance, but she was declared dead at the scene.

North East Wales Deputy Coroner John Gittens recorded a verdict of suicide.
Phoenix House was not represented at the inquest.

THE family of Beverley Kelly paid a moving tribute to the “bubbly” care worker, following the inquest.

They said: “The family, and Beverley’s fiance, Lee, would like to thank friends and neighbours for their heartfelt support and compassion towards them during this sad and difficult time.

“Beverley had a very loving, bubbly and caring personality, which was shown towards the residents of the care home where she worked.

“Beverley had a brilliant sense of humour and a happy and friendly outlook on life. She will be remembered for her beautiful, infectious smile.

“We do not want Beverley’s death to be in vain and some good must come out of this. Therefore we are in the process of setting up a fund, through World Vision, to sponsor a child in Africa to be educated.

“This was one of Beverley’s goals in life.”

So far £1,000 has been raised and a collection box has been placed in the Mechanics Arms, Pentre, and the Italian restaurant, Da Vinci, Queensferry.

The family has also thanked police, medical professionals, St Deniol’s Church, Hawarden, the coroner’s office and Walker Smith & Way Solicitors for their “kind, respectful and empathic” attitude since Beverley’s death.