WREXHAM FC chairman Ian Roberts and director Geoff Moss have issued an open letter to fans in the wake of what they describe as “one of the most harrowing times ever experienced while being involved in Wrexham Football Club”.

The duo say they and their families have been the target of threats and abuse in the last few days. It comes after it was reported a new Wrexham stadium company could lease out The Racecourse ground to the football club and the Crusaders rugby league side for their home games.

The news has caused great controversy among supporters.

The letter also reveals there are two potential buyers in line to take over ownership of Wrexham FC.

In their letter Mr Roberts and Mr Moss said: “This is an open letter to fans and the press to clarify the current changes taking place within the group that is Wrexham Village.

We wish to put the record straight regarding the restructure and the effect that this will have upon Wrexham FC and Crusaders and to correct any misunderstandings.

“We are well aware that all fans were deeply disturbed by the previous owners attempt to sell the ground. Please be assured that Wrexham Village Ltd is firmly and passionately committed to the preservation and future of The Racecourse ground as a sporting venue.

“We are proud of The Racecourse and the football club’s history and their importance to the town of Wrexham. We are also extremely focused on the improvement of this facility and the future of top class sport in North Wales.

“There are no similarities at all in the plans we have for the future of The Racecourse with those that the previous owners had. You may recall there was in excess of 10,000 who signed a petition to protect the Racecourse in the Wrexham UDP plan. Indeed I signed that petition.

“It is Wrexham Village Ltd's intention to transfer The Racecourse ground within the group that already owns it and to grant a long lease of minimum 25 years to both the football club and rugby league club on the same terms and for those clubs to contribute on a fair basis to the running costs of The Racecourse which they both did last year.

"It will not be the intention to charge the football club or the rugby club other than the running costs and there will not be a profit element generated.

“There has been some misunderstanding and for the avoidance of doubt the only comment I ever made about the money was to reiterate the actual cost of running The Racecourse as an entity.

"It seems reasonable for those sporting clubs that are using the facilities to share the costs of running the stadium on a fair and equitable basis. If the clubs do not bear the costs then there is no other party that will do so.

"It is our intention to offer an option to purchase the stadium within the football club’s lease at a mutually convenient timeframe with any new owner.

“The last few days for myself, Geoff and our families and business activities have been one of the most harrowing times ever experienced while being involved in Wrexham FC.

"We have and are continually receiving numerous amount of e-mails and Facebook comments of a threatening and abusive nature and this is quite disconcerting given the level of money and free time and support we have both given over the years to the football club.”