A TEENAGER who got angry at a McDonald’s Drive-Thru, climbed through the serving hatch and assaulted staff has been sent behind bars.

Danny Sean Jones, 19, head-butted one and punched another.

He left but returned still angry and then tried to smash windows at the restaurant at Halton, Chirk, on the night of November 14.

Jones, of Highfields, Chirk, was sentenced to four months youth detention yesterday after he earlier admitted two assaults and a charge of attempted criminal damage.

Wrexham Magistrates’ Court, sitting at Mold, heard Jones had drunk 15 Jack Daniel’s and cokes and could remember little of the incident.

Prosecutor Justin Espie said Jones and his mother arrived at the Drive Thru at about 1am and ordered their food at the hatch.

A scantily clad woman appeared, she walked onto the forecourt and persuaded Jones’s mother to buy her a burger.

But the woman walked away before the order was completed and Jones asked for a refund for the burger but was refused.

He got aggressive, got out of his car, climbed through the service hatch to an area where he had no right to be and was told to leave.

But he head-butted staff member Samuel Davies. Colleague Matthew Evans saw what was happening and got Jones in a headlock and ejected him through the fire escape.

But outside Jones punched him to the mouth.

About half an hour later Jones was back with a two foot long piece of wood which he used to hit the windows.

Police were called, he was arrested, and on the way to the police station, Jones said: “I wanted to smash the windows but I didn’t realise how thick they were.”

Amy Shearer, defending, said it was “a frightening and unnecessary” experience for all concerned and Jones had expressed genuine remorse.

At the time he was having child access difficulties. The injuries he inflicted were fortunately minimal.

Miss Shearer said the incident was out of character for a man who had no previous offences for violence.

Jones, who had applied to become a retained firefighter, was already seeking help for his depression and anger management.