A COUNCILLOR has called on the Welsh Assembly Government to help pay for potholes to be repaired.

Clwyd’s South Labour Assembly candidate Ken Skates said in the Leader yesterday that Wrexham Council should do more to repair road damage caused by the recent freeze.

And he singled out a large pothole in Vicarage Road, Brymbo, as a prime example of his argument.

But his Conservative opponent Paul Rogers, councillor for Brymbo, said the Welsh Assembly Government should do more to help the council foot the bill for remedial work.

He said: “The road maintenance grant received by councils across Wales in recent years has not been anywhere near enough to address crumbling roads.

“Wrexham Council has taken a proactive role and is investing millions in our road network both now and in the forthcoming financial year.

“The Welsh Assembly Government needs to leave its Cardiff bubble, visit parts of Wales and see the conditions of our road network and reconsider its priorities.

“While extra funding has been granted to councils to address road problems it is a drop in the ocean.”

He added: “Many roads in the Brymbo area have been resurfaced in the past year. In the coming weeks it is hoped Blast Road and Railway Road will be resurfaced as well as part of College Hill in Tanyfron. Residents will see a major difference.

“The problem Mr Skates referred to in Vicarage Road could not be repaired during the freezing weather but will be addressed.

“Cllr David Bithell, lead member for transport and environment, has made it quite clear in recent weeks additional resources will be made available to provide temporary repairs and a more comprehensive programme will be undertaken once the weather improves.”

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