A TRAINEE teacher is all set to have the names of 50 ‘sponsors’ tattooed on to the soles of her feet to raise money for a cancer charity.

Fay Walker expects to raise nearly £1,000 for Sue Ryder Care in memory of her aunt, Sharon Robbins, who died in October and her grandfather, Tommy Robbins, who passed away in November.

The 27-year-old, who is now collecting the sponsorship money, will have 25 names permanently tattooed on to the soles of each of her size-three feet.

She said: “I have pretty much sold all the space. So far I have raised just shy of £1,000 – double what I was hoping for.

“I’m really pleased. Everyone has been really supportive.”

Faye, of Min Awel, Flint, moved to the area in 2007 to be with her husband, James, a Flint native and teacher at St David’s High School, Saltney.

She said: “The strangest request I have had is ‘Robin Hood’. That is a nickname – everyone else is just straightforward names.

“I have had no rude or silly requests. Everyone has been really good and the money is going to go to such a good cause.”

The tattooist at the Tattoo Shack in Flint, a family friend, is now on standby to perform the work. Faye said: “Once I call in all the money, I will do it. I’m going to have my friends down when I have it done to laugh at me.”

There is still a limited amount of space to be filled on Faye’s feet.

To add your name, call 07824 601701.