IT was certainly a busy Christmas for one Wrexham family with nine children – including triplets.

Ruby, Grace and Eva McNee are approaching their first birthday in February and the time has flown according to dad Paul, of Chester Road, Acton.

As the Leader reported earlier this year, the triplets were born to Lorraine Roberts, 40, by Caesarean section at 34 weeks, and had to spend time being cared for at the Special Care Baby Unit at the Maelor Hospital.

The festive period was a busy one for the family as Paul, Lorraine and their nine children Dean, 19, Jessica, 17, Michael, 12, Lewis, eight, Matthew, six, Mea, five, and 10-month old triplets Ruby, Grace and Eva celebrated together.

Lorraine said: “It was a busy time for us all and we had a family party.

“The babies had a few toys but they don’t really know what’s going on.”

Unfortunately, the babies have all been poorly with colds.

Paul, who works as a delivery driver for Barnardo’s, said: “They had bad chests and we had to call the doctor out.

“He gave inhalers to two of them and they have had antibiotics but they seem a bit brighter now.”

But other than colds the three are developing well and Ruby and Grace are beginning to crawl.

“They’re doing really well and are on track,” added Paul.

“They’re making the usual noises and are just normal babies really.

“Obviously because they were premature and so small they are more prone to having bad chests and things like that.”

But the dad, 54, has vowed that there will be no more children from the Roberts/McNee family.

“I think nine is enough,” he said.

“We’re busy enough as it is and I think I’m too old now.”