A MOTHER whose daughter was murdered while working as a prostitute has told of her years of pain over her death.

Dianne Parry’s daughter Hanane, 19, was killed by Mark Corner on the streets of Liverpool in July, 2003.

Dianne, whose life was “destroyed” by Hanane’s death, told the Leader thoughts of her daughter were never far away, particularly at Christmas.

And she says she saw chilling similarities between Corner and the self-styled Crossbow Cannibal, 40-year-old student Stephen Griffiths.

Griffiths, from Bradford, was jailed earlier this month after admitting murdering sex workers Suzanne Blamires, Shelley Armitage and Susan Rushworth.

Speaking from her home in Warren Drive, Broughton, Dianne said: “They are both totally evil, as simple as that.

“When I first heard about the terrible murders in Bradford the memories came flooding back. My thoughts are with the parents of these women.

“I think people found guilty of murder should face hanging.

“The evidence needed to be sure of a correct conviction has made massive progress in recent years, such as DNA forensics.

“At present we have a system where people have committed murder yet innocent members of the public are paying for them to be fed and looked after.

“It is as if they are being rewarded for killing.

“It makes you question what kind of society we are living in.

“I don’t feel that I have had justice.”

Dianne said Hanane’s death had been an overwhelming blow which at the time left her feeling totally crushed.

She said: “My life was destroyed, but I fought back. I am a stronger person, I have had to be strong.”

Dianne lives with her partner of more than 20 years and three children – two sons, one aged 20 and the other 18, and a 15-year-old daughter.

She said: “I have learned to value what really is important in life. In our family we give each other strength.”

She said she would like to thank police liaison officers who helped her, saying they had been a hugely important source of support.

“When I heard what had happened to Hanane I felt physically sick.

“Now I am coping well – I have had to. There has been a lot of pain, tears and anxiety. Obviously special times of the year such as Christmas and birthdays are never the same, but you get through them.

“Thoughts of her are never far away.”

Hanane’s dismembered body was found in a Liverpool alleyway, stuffed into bin bags.

She had turned to prostitution to fund her £100-a-day heroin habit.

The former pupil at St David’s High School, Saltney, was racially abused as a child which Dianne said led to her downward spiral into drugs.

Since her death Dianne has been campaigning to change people’s attitudes towards sex workers.

She has met government ministers to try to get “safety zones” set up.

A play, Unprotected, was made about Hanane’s life and was performed at Liverpool’s Everyman Theatre. Dianne wants the play to be staged across the UK to encourage people to change their attitudes.