WREXHAM FC bosses have had to pump more money into the club in order to counter heavy losses caused by the latest match postponement at The Racecourse.

Director Geoff Moss warned last week that the club stood to lose up to £40,000 if the Boxing Day clash with Altrincham fell victim to the cold snap.

And his worst fears were realised when the game, which traditionally attracts a big crowd, had to be called off because the pitch was blanketed by snow.

Yesterday’s  scheduled away game against Barrow was also postponed because of freezing conditions in north of England.

These fresh blows to Wrexham’s finances came on top of the cancellation of the home match against Crawley on December 4, which also left a £40,000 hole in the balance sheet.

Club chairman Ian Roberts said: “It is very difficult to balance the books when your big games keep being called off.

“For the Crawley match earlier this month, we had sold out every box and 120 people were booked into the function room.

“We lost all that and we have now lost a similar amount because of the Boxing Day cancellation.

“So yet again the club needs further funding from its owners. I keeping saying that this football club is a business and it is a business that is losing money.

“Because of the weather, we have not managed to play at home since December 4 and that does the financial situation no good at all.”

He added: “The Crawley and Altrincham fixtures will now have to be rearranged.
“But playing them on a rainy Tuesday or Wednesday night in February or March isn’t going to do much for our gate figures.”

And Mr Roberts added: “It also isn’t going to help having three matches in one week – possibly on Saturday, Tuesday and Thursday – with no rest periods in between.

“No manager wants that situation.

“Following the snow melt, we’re going to have problems with lots of water on the pitch at the Racecourse.

“That means it’s probably a good thing we have Altrincham away on Saturday as this will give the pitch a chance to recover.”