A COUNTY believes it is equipped to continue handling the wintry conditions.

Flintshire Council has revealed it has received fresh supplies of rocksalt to help ensure the county’s roads are fully gritted throughout the festive holiday period.

The fresh intake of salt comes little more than 24 hours after the authority announced it had just six days of grit supplies left if heavy snow continued.

Steve Jones, Flintshire’s head of Streetscene, said: "The council's gritting fleet, staff and operators will be working throughout the Christmas period to keep the roads of Flintshire clear.

“Fresh supplies of rocksalt are being received and there is sufficient material in stock to deal with the current conditions."

The ongoing big freeze has led to roads being cleared every day by council staff, while in Buckley a team of volunteers continues to take to the streets to tackle areas not covered by the county council.

For the latest gritting and collection details, visit the relevant links on the main page of Flintshire's website at www.flintshire.gov.uk