DELIGHTED Donna Lloyd was really seeing stars when she went on a VIP visit to the final of the X Factor television show.

Donna, aged 28 from Wrexham, was invited to go to the showbiz spectacular by her friend Amanda Floyd, aged 33 from Northwich, who won tickets in a competition organised by Tic Tac sweets.

“The night Amanda called me to tell me the good news I was in the cinema, and could hear my phone constantly buzzing in my bag,” said Donna.

“I checked and found there were loads of messages from Amanda. I left the auditorium to call her back and made sure everything was all right.

“She said she had won two VIP tickets to see the X Factor finals. I was thrilled to be asked if I wanted to go down to London with her.”

Donna and Amanda were provided with luxury overnight accommodation and were escorted to the X Factor studios where the pair were immediately whisked away to a VIP lounge.

Donna added: “We were directed to our seats, right behind Cheryl Cole’s family and friends. Also sat in front of us was Holly Valance, and Nicola Roberts from Girls Aloud. We also noticed Gok Wan in the audience.”

Donna said the atmosphere grew and grew, especially when the four judges walked out for the start of the show.

“At this point we couldn't believe that we were actually stood there watching the X Factor finals,” said Donna.

“We thoroughly enjoyed the show, so much so that three hours only felt like only a few minutes.

“We were also happy with the end result and thought that Matt Cardle deserved to win that night.

“I was so glad he was back on top form, considering he had been suffering with a bad throat the last couple of weeks. He didn't half pelt those notes out.

On leaving the studio, the pair bumped into X Factor choreographer Brian Friedman backstage.

Donna added: “We heard that there was a private party across the road in a club mainly for the X Factor finalists, their friends and family – which luckily we gatecrashed.

“Everyone was really welcoming and friendly. We spent most of the night with Cher Lloyd’s family and chatting to Matt Cardle’s brother.

“We partied until the early hours of the morning and headed back to the hotel with many happy memories, as well as our X Factor goody bags, autographs and lots of photos.

“This was a moment in our lives we will never forget.”