SEMI-professional dancer Stewart Thomson wept as he was jailed for five years after he was convicted of raping a drunken woman while she was asleep.

Thomson had sex with two women that night and claimed during his trial at Mold Crown Court that it was all with their consent.

Thomson, 28, was cleared of raping one girl in the early hours of April 14 at a house in Wrexham, but was unanimously convicted of rape after he went to the bed of another woman in an adjoining bedroom and had sex with her.

Judge Niclas Parry told him his actions were “nothing short of predatory”.

“You realised the condition of your victim,” the judge told him.

Judge Parry said he was entirely satisfied that she was in no state of consciousness when he abused her for no reason other than his own sexual gratification.

“You showed total disregard for her as a human being,” he said.

By pleading not guilty he had forced his victim to relive the experience in court.

But he took into account that there was no force, no violence and no threat, and that the conviction was a personal tragedy for the defendant who was industrious, highly regarded and a man of good character.

Thomson, of Abbeygate Walk in Bangor-on-Dee, was placed on the sex offender’s register for life.

Karl Scholz, prosecuting, claimed to the jury that neither of the women had consented to what had gone on.

The jury heard how the two women had been out together to Chequers and Honky Tonks in Wrexham and walked home with the defendant.

One girl said she was drunk and all over the place, and the other told how she was “hammered”.

The defendant was cleared of raping the first young woman but was convicted of raping the second, where the woman told how she was drunk and asleep but became aware of someone in her bed.

She was only conscious for seconds but later awoke, realised what had happened and felt dirty.

In evidence, the defendant said both women had sex with consent.

He agreed that he locked the house door when he went inside, said he was invited in, and locked it because of some other lads outside.

Thomson said he was lying on the bed with both women, one left, the other pulled him towards her and they ended up having sex.

She had asked him to have intercourse, he claimed. She instigated it but she then said that could not do it.

He left and went to the bedroom of the other woman who had been flirtatious with him.

Thomson denied that she was sleeping, said that he started to massage her, and while no words were exchanged, he claimed that she willingly had sex.

He denied that he had sex with her when she was unconscious.

The defendant said he felt "bucket loads of guilty" because he had a fiancée.

Des Parry, defending, told the jury that it was his client's case that both women had willingly consented to sex that night and that it was not rape.