WHEN two-year-old Evie-Beth Weaver fell into a coma her parents feared she would not make it through the night.

But the toddler and new best friend pup Buzz have formed an unbreakable bond and are set to spend a very special Christmas together.

Evie who lives with her family in Mancot almost died after contracting meningitis, but during the illness she was promised a dog by her family if she recovered.

And when she got back to health what better gift than adorable 12-week-old Staffordshire cross lurcher Buzz who was thrown over a 12ft wall after being abandoned by his previous owner.

Happy mum Adele, 28, said Evie fell ill one week after her and partner of six years Craig, 26, returned from their honeymoon in September.

She said: “We did not think she would make it to this Christmas. There was one point when we did not think she would make it through the night.

“This Christmas is extra special and we are hoping 2011 will be a lot better.

“When your child is ill your life stops and you can’t think of anything else. We could only think of her.

“Now it is fantastic that she is better. The doctors and nurses at Wrexham Maelor Hospital were amazing. I would like to thank them all.”

Evie’s grandmother Angela Lewis, 57, said the family had gone through a difficult period, but said the youngster was recovering well.

She said: “This is a special Christmas for us. She was in a coma at the special care unit. She was very, very ill. They did not know if she would survive.

“The whole family is so relived about Evie.”

Buzz, who was given to the family after a stay at North Clwyd Animal Rescue centre, near Holywell, had been mistreated by a previous owner and had spent a night exposed in the rain.

He has now settled into life in the family home which he shares with Evie’s parents, grandparents and uncle Ian.

Angela said: “Evie is a fan of Toy Story so when we heard his name was Buzz we thought it was meant to be. Buzz is lovely and we all love him to bits. He is a special part of the family now.

“Evie loves him and they are the best of friends. He really loves it here, he goes berserk when he sees us and he has put on weight – he is four times the size when he came.

“I think Buzz is good for her. Hopefully they will grow up together.”

Adele added: “Buzz has been fantastic. They have a lovely bond. It is like he knew she was ill and he has taken to her. We would like to thank North Clwyd Animal Rescue centre for their help.”