A MAN who gripped his partner around the neck in temper later told police he appreciated he needed help.

Johnathan Mark Davies, 23, had already sought counselling, a court heard.

But Flintshire magistrates decided Davies needed help with his alcohol intake and his use of cannabis.

Davies, of Bala Avenue, Greenfield, Holywell, admitted assaulting Natasha Gunning at their home on December 4. Magistrates adjourned for a pre-sentence report but lifted bail conditions so he could return home over Christmas.

Prosecutor Andrew Warman asked for the bail conditions to remain and said the festive season was a time when people generally drank more alcohol.

But magistrates, who were told the victim wanted him back and the couple wanted to be reconciled, said it was in his interests to demonstrate he did not drink to excess over Christmas.

The court heard the couple had been together five years and had an 18-month-old child.

That day, Davies had been to the pub, there was an argument when he returned and it was alleged he was screaming at her.

He slapped her to the face, she slapped him back and he lost his temper and grabbed her around the throat, said Mr Warman.

It started to affect her breathing and he then let go and started to slap her around the face.

She turned to get away and he then struck her to the back and to the arm.

Davies punched a mirror on the wall causing his hand to bleed and threw her phone across the room but she managed to call the police.

When arrested he said: “I know I need help.”

Interviewed, he said on a drunkenness scale of one to 10 he put himself at six.
He accepted he had lost his temper.

Brian Cross, defending, said Davies was a man of good character who had shown immediate remorse.

It was accepted he needed help with his alcohol and cannabis intake.

He had sought help from his GP and from drugs and alcohol services, he said. The couple hoped to be reconciled and back together for Christmas.