WREXHAM Football Club is facing a major financial crisis if the big freeze continues.

Club boss Geoff Moss says that having to cancel home games such as the one against Crawley on December 4 cost the club around £40,000 in lost revenue.

And he warns that if the Arctic snap leads to the cancellation of the big Boxing Day home clash against Altrincham, it will be down a similar amount of income.

Mr Moss said: “Frankly, this weather is just killing us and if it doesn’t let up soon we will have a real financial crisis on our hands.

“It is obviously home games at the Racecourse which bring in the income but when you are losing matches like the Crawley one you lose a lot of your income.

“On that day our hospitality operation, which includes boxes and meals, was completely sold out.

“We also had 120 people booked into the function room.

“We lost all the income from that, which when you add in the gate receipts amounted to about £30,000 – £40,000.”

Mr Moss added: “The trouble is that we rely for our income on people coming through the gates and when they don’t there is just no money coming in.

“But you still have to pay all your costs, like staff and the Inland Revenue.”

He added: “Over the Christmas period we have four games in eight days and two of these are at home - Altrincham on Boxing Day and Bath on January 3.

“The Boxing Day one is traditionally a very big one for us and if that one falls victim to the weather we stand to lose another £30,000 – £40,000 at least.

“We have borrowed covers from St Helen’s Rugby Club but they only cover about three-quarters of the pitch and only protect against temperatures down to minus two or three.

“When it goes down to minus eight and nine like it has been over the past few days they just don’t work.”