A PET owner and her beloved dog have been reunited thanks to the Leader.

Dog breeder Margaret Williams was left distraught when her four-year-old British bulldog Lucy was stolen from her home in Dobshill, near Hawarden, last Tuesday.

Margaret, who owns five breeding dogs, made an impassioned plea through the Leader for whoever had taken her to return her safely to her home.

And on Saturday she was over the moon when a man turned up at her home on Chester Road with Lucy. He refused to give his name, but handed Lucy over to a delighted Margaret.

She said: “The chap had a copy of the article in the Leader in his hand. He said his mate had bought Lucy off someone for £500 and then they saw the article in the paper and thought they ought to bring her back.

“I’m just glad to have her home.

“I think whoever took her obviously realised that with all the publicity in the Leader they weren’t going to be able to get rid of her very easily. The Leader made her very well known.”

Lucy was missing for four days and Margaret was frantic with worry.

She added: “All I could think about was whether they were looking after her and taking care of her properly and feeding her.”

Margaret says the dog has lost weight and has been left shaken by her ordeal.

“She wanted to go back in her kennel, which is like her little home,” she said.

“But she doesn’t want to come out unless I’m there.

“When she first came into the house there was a bowl of water and she emptied the whole bowl – all she could do was drink.

“Whether she has had anything to eat or drink since she was taken I just don’t know.”

Lucy is now settling back into home life and is enjoying extra food to fatten her up.

Margaret added: “I’m just ecstatic to have her home – it has made my Christmas. I have also got a litter of pups due this week so I’m absolutely delighted.”