TWINS Thomas and Harriet Clayton were one couple’s little miracle when they were born in 1989.

Now the beautiful babies from Wrexham are all grown up – and have celebrated their 21st birthday.

Thomas and Harriet made the front page of the Leader when they were born, with parents Janet and Glyn describing them as the best Christmas presents they could ever wish for.

The couple, of Garden Village, had waited eight long years to start a family and underwent more than five years of fertility treatment. At times they wondered whether they would ever have babies of their own.

But they never gave up hope and, thanks to the skill and dedication of staff at Wrexham Maelor Hospital, their dream came true.

Janet said: “Thomas and Harriet were miracle babies for us. They have brought us so much joy and happiness.

“To be blessed with a beautiful boy and girl is wonderful.”

A family meal was held to mark the double birthday as well as celebrations with friends.

Janet said her children are very similar in character and sometimes know what the other is thinking.

They also share a real talent for the arts. Harriet is in her second year of university at Liverpool taking a degree in graphic arts, while Thomas has diplomas in graphic design and is pursuing a career in the field.

Janet said: “We owe it all to the staff at the infertility clinic at the Maelor.

“Without them the twins quite simply wouldn’t have been born.”

The couple lost triplets when Janet became pregnant in 1987 but were determined to keep trying.

When Janet’s pregnancy with Thomas and Harriet was confirmed, they resolved to take each day at a time.

Janet said: “It was really scary. I had a scan every fortnight and just wanted to get to 32 weeks when I knew the babies could survive.

“Then I wanted to have them safe within me for as long as possible to give them the best chance.”

The twins were born by caesarean about four weeks early. Harriet was 5lb 9oz and Thomas 5lb 1oz.