WORK is now under away on the multi-million pound link road on Wrexham Industrial Estate.

Advance works are now being carried out to prepare both the north and south sites for construction work.

The need for this vital link road was identified in the 1970s and funding for the project was made available from the Welsh Assembly in the mid 1990s.

Cllr David Bithell, lead member for environment and transport, said: “The advance works are essential in that they will safeguard protected species and minimise the risk of delays to the major works which will start in 2011.”

Work began on the dualing of the carriageway from the Gresford roundabout to the Wrexham Golf Course roundabout in 2001. Since then extensive preparation and a public inquiry have been undertaken to bring the project to this stage.

The current works entail fencing off the land required for the scheme, together with removal of trees and hedgerows, demolition and ecological works in association with great crested newts, bats and badgers – which are all protected species.

Specialists were called in to provide the badgers with new artificial homes and fences have been put up to prevent newts entering the site.

New ponds will also be installed and existing ponds cleaned out. Ecologists believe the newts will thrive better than before due to their improved habitat.

Prior to trees and hedgerows being removed thorough checks were undertaken to ensure that bats or nesting birds were not present.

A main contractor is expected to be appointed in February 2011. They will then undertake a detail design of the scheme for the start of major works in spring 2011. It is hoped the scheme will be completed in 2012.