A CATERING assistant who suffers from anxiety said he was terrified after police carried out a raid on his home.

Police have confirmed nothing was found at the house, but said the search was undertaken as part of a series in Wrexham which uncovered a quantity of suspected stolen property.

Michael Rogers, 62, of Minafon, said he thought officers were looking for drugs.

“I have absolutely nothing to do with drugs and of course the officers found nothing after they had burst in,” said Mr Rogers, who works at the Maelor Hospital.

Mr Rogers was at home asleep at about 7.30am on Tuesday last week when a police squad broke a panel in the front door and entered his two-bedroomed council house.

“This was a day off for me. I could hear what was happening. To be honest I thought that I had burglars. A bottom panel of the door was smashed through. They got access and ran up the stairs,” said Mr Rogers.

“By the time I was out of bed they were in the bedroom with me, it all happened so quickly.”

Mr Rogers lives alone with two dogs and two cats. One of the dogs and one of the cats had been traumatised by the raid.

“I have a problem with nerves myself and suffer from anxiety. I lead a very quiet life. I don’t have anything to do with drugs at all,” Mr Rogers added

Superintendent Neill Anderson, of North Wales Police, said: “Officers have now met with the gentleman concerned to resolve any issues.

“On Tuesday, a number of proactive search warrants were undertaken in the Wrexham area with the support of the community.

“As a result, a number of arrests were made and an amount of suspected stolen property was recovered.”