THE debate over whether Wrexham should try to gain city status has sparked plenty of interest among Leader readers.

On Friday we reported the Government had announced a new city will be created in 2012 to mark the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

Wrexham Council leader Aled Roberts said the decision should be put in the hands of the public.

And our website has had comments pouring in from people eager to express their views.

Honey 27 said: “If Wrexham improved there may be a chance, but at the moment, sadly no.

“It is so run down, except for Eagles Meadow which I feel has destroyed the town. Also I feel no one really respects Wrexham anymore.”

Coachsandra added: “I used to back Wrexham for a city but not now. Nothing has been done to justify this bid. We have nothing that other cities have such as an arts centre or theatre that would allow local and national events.

“The surrounding areas don’t seem to have any economic or cultural investment and the centre is now so spread out that there is nothing unique about Wrexham. Sorry, but we don’t deserve it yet.”

A Cahill warned against wasting money. He said: “What matters is the provision of services and quality of life that people have in the borough, rather than taking a decision to plough ahead with an application. It is important that council officers seek to address the fundamental problems that blight the lives of Wrexham residents rather than waste time and money on a bid that the town may lose.”

But others were more keen on the idea.

Karen said she would love to see Wrexham become a city, but felt there was a lot that needed putting right before it could earn the honour.

She said: “How can it be a city? The town centre is dead. Eagles Meadow has not lived up to expectations and more and more junkies and alcoholics are moving in. The place looks run down and very shabby.

“Christmas in Wrexham when I was a kid was exciting and the town centre was buzzing. Now it’s a retail graveyard, with ghosts of shops sitting empty surrounded by litter. I’d love to see Wrexham be a city but only when it has earned it. There is a long way to go.”

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