A BID to revive a scheme to build a £3 million link road between Tanyfron and Brymbo was rejected last night.

In 2006 members of Wrexham Council’s planning committee approved a plan by Brymbo Developments Ltd (BDL) to build about 500 homes on the site of the former Brymbo Steelworks.

The company said at the time it would use cash from the development to pay for a spine road connecting Brymbo with Tanyfron. But because the housing scheme never went ahead the road remained unbuilt.

Last night the committee considered a scheme to breathe new life into the original application – adding on another 100 homes – plus an associated development including an 18,000-square foot supermarket and six smaller retail units.

This time the aim of the company was to finance the spine road from money raised by the two developments.

BDL believed they must be considered together as the housing scheme alone would not have raised enough cash because the value of residential land has fallen sharply since 2006.

The committee heard from planning officers that the difference between now and four years ago was that the company had agreed to enter into a bond which would guarantee the cash for the road would be available.

They also explained that both schemes would not normally be approved but for the need to get the spine road built.

The residential proposal, which was considered first by the committee, prompted strong opposition from Whitegate ward Plaid Cymru councillor Marc Jones.

He said: “I feel sorry for the people of Brymbo for having to put up with all this but going along with this scheme would be like indulging a naughty child.”

Cllr Jones also asked what guarantees there were that the residential development would go ahead this time.

Chief planning officer Lawrence Isted said the company had given assurances that the homes would be built and the cost of the road would be met from the total value of the residential and retail developments.

Cllr Carrie Harper, Plaid member for Queensway, said the number of homes being proposed would be over-development of the area and moved refusal of the scheme.

Brymbo Tory councillor Paul Rogers said by refusing the application the spine road would not be built “for many years” when people in the area believed it was long overdue.

However, members voted 7-5 to refuse the scheme.

They also voted to reject the associated retail development on the grounds that it alone would not be enough to finance the spine road.

- The committee approved a plan to require the owner to carry out urgent repairs to the roof of the historic Agent’s House on the former steelworks site which was badly damaged by recent high winds.