CRIME in Wrexham town centre has fallen by almost nine per cent in the past eight months.

Latest figures from North Wales Police reveal that from April 1 to the end of November there was fall of 8.6 per cent in total crimes recorded in the central area, which equates to 331 fewer victims than during the same period last year.

The officer in charge of policing the town centre, Inspector Alex Goss, says this is the largest fall seen for some time.

He said his team was also detecting more of the crime which was committed, catching offenders and putting them before courts in 45 per cent of cases.

There were falls in a number of categories of crime during the eight months.

Serious violence saw a drop of 29.4 per cent, which meant a fall of almost a third in the number of assaults, woundings and robberies where violence was used.

Cases of less serious violence, covering common assault and public disorder, were down by 15.8 per cent.

Vehicle crime also saw a significant reduction of 14.2 per cent, which meant 33 fewer victims.

Anti-social crime, such as drug offences and harassment, fell by 12.8 per cent, leaving 186 fewer victims.

And the number of victims of criminal damage, to vehicles or other property, was down by 60 reflecting a reduction in this category of 8.1 per cent.

Burglary to private homes reduced by 6.9 per cent, with almost half of offenders in this category being collared and taken to court. Insp Goss said: “We are now in a really good position when it comes to all categories of crime in the town centre.

“We have seen the biggest reductions for some considerable time.

“This is quite an achievement when you realise the night-time economy at clubs and bars in Wrexham town centre is now as busy as any of the town or city centres in the North West of England with the exception of Manchester.

“Wrexham is certainly busier than Chester, for instance, with as many as 10,000 people coming in on some nights at the weekend.

“We also now have to police new developments such as Eagles Meadow shopping centre and there are more students in the area, because of all this you would expect more crime while we have seen this reduction.”

He added: “One of our main aims is to reduce the amount of violent crime and the fall makes the town a safer place to live, work and visit.”