FOR many families, roast dinners would not be the same without it.

Now one little boy from Saltney could star as the new Bisto Kid.

Ajay Burrows has been shortlisted to appear in an advertising campaign for the gravy brand to inspire families to eat home cooked food together.

And the all-singing, all-dancing Lache Primary School pupil believes he is in with a good chance.

Ajay, seven, impressed judges at the “Aah Night” competition by confessing that he prefers a roast dinner to fast food.

Proud parents Carly, 30, and Andrew, 32, say their son was born to be a star.

Carly, of Mercer Way, said: “Ajay sings from the minute he wakes up to the minute he goes to sleep.

“If we have family or friends around he will sit everyone down and perform a scene from a musical.

“Everybody he meets says he should be on the stage and he is very excited to have come this far in the competition. He is going around school telling his teachers and friends that he is going to be in the next Bisto advert.”

The family entered the online contest three weeks ago.

Carly said: “Ajay had to say how he would get his family together to enjoy a meal.

“His dad is famous for his roast dinners and always gets text messages from friends on a Sunday asking to come round.

“So Ajay said he would invite everybody round with a mass text message.

“The Bisto people got in touch to see when Ajay was free and if he was willing to travel to do the different promotion days, so it all sounds very promising.

“I think they love the fact he is a performer.”

Ajay’s favourite television programme is The X Factor and he hopes Rebecca Ferguson or Cher Lloyd will take first place.

The youngster, whose DVD collection includes The Sound of Music, Step Up and Hairspray, will be whisked off to London in the New Year to see his first West End musical as a Christmas present.

Carly added: “We are not pushy parents and none of the family are very musical.

“This is something Ajay has chosen to do on his own but we are behind him every step of the way.

“We are so proud of him.”

If he is chosen Ajay will be one of five lucky youngsters fronting the ad campaign.

Fiona Johnston, from Bisto, said: “For many families, the evening meal is the one part of the day where they can all get together and catch up.

“Bisto's Aah Night is our pledge to help every family in the country put aside just one evening a week for a proper home cooked meal.

“The new Bisto Kids will lead our campaign for mealtimes, helping families to take that pledge as well as inspiring the nation to eat together more often.”

The winners will be announced on Friday. For more details go to