AMAZED Billy Murdoch could hardly believe it when he found out a postcard sent from Llangollen in 1981 had finally been delivered to its rightful address in Scotland – 29 years late.

Billy is now asking for the help of Leader readers to see if anyone can throw light on why it took so long for the card to reach its destination.

“The postcard was sent by family friends Sandy and Jean Tulloch, who visited Llangollen in 1981, to my mother and father Willie and Edith in Nairn. All four people have since passed away,” said Billy, who lives in Kent.

“I now use the family home for holidays and was there last week. When I arrived I saw there was a notice from the Royal Mail saying there was an item of postage waiting for me at the sorting office. It hadn’t been delivered because it had insufficient postage.

“At first I thought it was probably just a piece of junk mail and wasn’t going to pick it up, but then decided that I should go and have a look.”

When Billy arrived at the sorting office he was astonished to discover the item of mail waiting for him was a postcard the Tullochs had sent to his mother and father nearly three decades ago. His reaction is one of amused delight

“I was very surprised. It is nice to have something so old. The postcard itself is in very good condition. not torn and tattered. It had a 14p stamp on it and was franked Llangollen.

“It was so lucky that I was in Nairn at this time. The sorting office only retains undelivered items for a short period. I didn’t have to pay to get it.”

Billy is now asking if any Leader readers can help him find out more about the possible whereabouts of the card before it reached Nairn.

“I have made a few enquiries and found that the Llangollen postmark was discontinued many years ago. But no one can really explain what has happened. It would be interesting to know.”

A spokesman for the Royal Mail said it was highly unlikely the card had been in the system for 29 years.

“It is more likely to have been initially delivered to a wrong address and then put back into the post,” she added.

If anyone can help Billy in his quest they can send an e-mail to: garth.apthomas