FLINTSHIRE is very well placed to ride out the recession, according to the man responsible for regenerating the county.

And despite the recession companies still want to move to the county because of its access links and proximity to north west England.

Cllr Matt Wright, Flintshire’s executive member for regeneration and tourism, said:
“I think the future of the county is good.

“We are facing quite tough times obviously but Flintshire is very well placed because it is so close to the main population centres of north west England.

“We have good access into Flintshire and good access to consumers. Manchester Airport is only an hour away.

“A lot of companies have said to me that those links are really valuable.

“There could be exciting news with new companies coming to the area. There is a lot of interest despite all the talk about the recession.”

Despite fears over job losses, Cllr Wright said there were companies in Flintshire doing well.

He said: “The job losses are very sad. We are looking at it every week, both the companies that are doing better and the companies that are having some

“On average we have more companies doing better than having difficulties.

“There are companies doing well in Flintshire. I think we have got to talk the county up because we all rely on the jobs.”

There are also plans to improve the infrastructure of the county over the coming years with plans to improve rail links to Deeside Industrial Estate and to improve the roads.

Cllr Wright said: “We are looking at improving at the road infrastructure.

“Obviously there isn’t vast amounts of money about and we have to rely on the Welsh Assembly Government to bring in money on major infrastructure projects.

“But we have improved Shotton railway station and we have been lobbying to put an improved link onto the Deeside Industrial Estate.”

Flintshire Council has also introduced an efficiency team which has already found savings of 27 per cent in one area.