A COMMUNITY-minded businessmen is using airport technology to help pensioners to get out of their homes during the big freeze.

Steve Samuels, of Bagillt, who family runs a landscape gardening business, is offering a free de-icing service for OAPs’ driveways.

The 60-year-old travelled to Scotland to buy a special spray used to keep airport runways from icing over and is now deploying it in Flintshire.

Yesterday he helped clear the way for pensioners in sheltered accommodation on Moorfield Court, Hawarden.

Hawarden community councillor Judith Hough said: “Without Steve, they would be trapped in their homes.

“We have 11 sheltered accommodation homes behind us and it is quite hard for them to get out. It is like an ice rink. Steve is wonderful. The council is trying to do what they can.

“This time of year it is imperative pensioners have help. He is an unsung hero. Otherwise they would be forgotten about.”

Maurice Huggan, 65, who suffers from emphysema, lives with his wife, Carol, at Moorfield Court.

He said: “We have 11 bungalows and most of the residents are in their 80s.

“To have someone come and clear it is wonderful. It is a life-saver.

“We are quite isolated as nobody comes down here.”

Thorncliffe building merchants in Alltami, has agreed to donate rock salt to help the project.

Steve said: “It is difficult to work when the weather is like this. Last year we could not work for three months. This helps people go about their everyday lives.

“People do not want to leave the house when it is icy. We are offering the service free of charge to pensioners and those who are disabled. The spray is environmentally friendly and it keeps the area from icing over for a couple of days.”

People wanting to contact Steve and his team should call 01352 781201.