WREXHAM Council has increased its storage capacity for grit in the wake of the current freezing temperatures.

A spokeswoman said: “This winter we have ensured our storage capacity has been increased from 5,000 tonnes last year to 7,000 tonnes for the current winter season.

“This increased capacity should adequately provide sufficient rocksalt to treat the roads far into the winter season with anticipated rocksalt deliveries replenishing the stock levels accordingly.

“Our aim is to maintain the strategic road network in a safe condition for road users with our gritting actions extending to a larger proportion of the network in accordance with our winter service policy as weather conditions dictate.”

She added: “In Wrexham there are five weather stations which provide detailed information to our weather forecast service providers enabling them to give a site specific forecast for Wrexham.

“This is supplied on a daily basis at 1pm and provides a detailed weather forecast for the following 24 hours.

“We use these reports to decide when to grit and whether to prepare our vehicles with snow ploughs to deal with snow conditions.

“Our rocksalt has an effective action of approximately eight to nine hours and therefore our actions are timed to treat the roads in advance of anticipated freezing conditions with repeated treatments within eight to nine hours.

“Last night, for example, the gritters were deployed throughout the county borough at 4pm and again at midnight.