“TATTOO Girl” Fay Walker has been inundated with donations after her plan to ink names on the soles of her feet was revealed.

The 27-year-old has been stopped in the street and was given £200 just hours after the Leader reported on her plans to permanently tattoo 50 names on to her size-three feet for charity.

And she has even earned the nickname Tattoo Girl by passers-by.

Faye, a trainee teacher, said: “In the first hour I had someone donate £200 to have their first name tattooed on my foot. He asked for David.

“I was doing my shopping in Asda and I was getting texts from people.

“I’m really happy this is going to be successful.”

After the deaths of her aunt Sharon Robbins in October and her grandfather Tommy Robbins earlier this month from cancer, Faye, originally from Leeds, decided to raise the money for cancer charity Sue Ryder Care.

She said: “I have had offers of between £25 and £50 and have raised more than I was hoping from the whole thing on just one foot.

“People who are donating money are people who have lost people to cancer.

“They are telling me their stories and saying who they have lost.

“I have had a lot of support but they think I am crazy.”

But Faye added: “I have not even considered having second thoughts.”

There are still places up for grab on the soles of Faye’s ticklish feet and she is hoping for more bids – as long as they are not rude words.

She said: “I have decided I am going to wait until after Christmas to have the tattoos done and let people get it out of the way and I’m going to have it done in mid-January.

“I have already sold a foot’s worth, 25 names.”

She said she hopes to combat the pain by listening to her iPod and is preparing for life on crutches after the procedure, which will be done one foot at a time, at the Tattoo Shack in Flint.

If you would like your name to adorn Faye’s feet contact 07824 601701.