YOUNG children were among the victims of a terrifying early morning arson attack in Wrexham.

The blaze, which was started deliberately yesterday at the front of a house, was so intense the heat cracked a lounge window.

A wheelie bin had been placed at the front of the house and set alight.

Fortunately firefighters arrived at the scene quickly and were able to put the flames out before they spread further and caused even more damage.

The property in Vale View, Southsea, is the home of Gemma Jones and her two-year-old son Harley. Gemma had friend Kelly Roberts over to stay along with her children Evan aged nine, Owain, eight and Madison five.

Kelly was sleeping in the lounge when she was awoken by the roar of the fire and the glass cracking as the blaze took hold.

“I could feel the heat and smell the terrible fumes. Initially I had no idea what was going on. Whoever was responsible had moved a wheelie bin from the side of the house to the front and then set it alight,” said Kelly

“There was a flaming glow coming from outside. I opened the curtains and there was another pop of the window. I’m 5ft 7in tall and the flames were higher than me.

“I jumped back in fright. Then I went to tell Gemma what was happening. The fire brigade was called. They came really quickly, but it seemed like a lifetime. My children were worried. But they felt calmer once the fire service arrived and had everything under control. Harley remained asleep.”

Kelly, who lives in the Mold Road area of Wrexham, said Gemma had been badly shaken by the ordeal.

They were now clearing up all the mess which had resulted from the attack.

A spokesman for North Wales Fire and Rescue Service said the cause of the incident was deliberate ignition to a wheelie bin. It was reported at about 4.20am on Monday.

A spokesman for North Wales Police asked for anyone who can help inquiries to contact them by telephoning 101.

- Shortly afterwards another wheelie bin fire took place at Holborn Crescent in Brynteg, which is just a short walk away from Vale View. Flames from that incident spread to fencing at the house.