A GRANDMOTHER says the sentence given to her grandson’s killer was a “slap in the face.”

Anne Jones, 71, has now launched a petition, collecting more than 2,500 names, backing calls for tougher sentencing laws.

She started the petition in September after Gafyn Denman, a 22-year-old from Mold, was given a sentence of three years and four months for the manslaughter of Peter Jones, 24, from Mold.

The sentence, Peter’s family say, is not enough.

Peter’s grandmother Anne Jones, has collected 2,590 signatures in support of stiffer sentencing laws.

Her aim is to ensure other families put in the same situation do not suffer because of the current legal system as Peter’s family feel they have.

Peter had been on a night out with his father in Buckley after a shopping trip in Chester in May when they had an encounter with another group including former Airbus worker Denman.

Denman inflicted a blow to his jaw which caused Peter to fall to the ground and left him with catastrophic head injuries.

Mrs Jones said: "It's not a sentence at all. I'm really annoyed about it. I think it should have been much more severe than that.

"He's only actually going to serve 18 months. Four months were knocked off straight away because he'd been in custody. He'll serve 18 months and then have 18 months on probabtion. I was disgusted when I heard how long he'd been given.

“I hope there will be a reform across the board, whether it's one punch or ten, the lad's still dead. The sentence he's been given is just a slap in the face."

She added: “People in Buckley are really annoyed about the sentence.

“The petition won’t do anything for Peter but it might help someone else. Somebody’s got to do something.” The completed petition was handed over to Alyn and Deeside MP Mark Tami on Friday.

Mr Tami says he will take the petition to the House of Commons and has also referred the case to Home Secretary Theresa May.

He told the Leader: “It’s a tragic case and the sentencing I think is very lenient to say the least under the circumstances.”

Mr Tami said he hopes the petition will be aired in the House of Commons soon.