A FORMER factory worker has become the latest inspiration for the Flintshire Banksy.

Vicky Perfect, from Flint, has become the subject of Random’s latest masterpiece – a portrait of five former Courtalds factory workers, dubbed The Courtalds Girls.

Keen historian Vicky, now 61, was contacted by the mystery artist when he spotted her photograph on the internet for a feature she had done with the BBC.

Vicky is one of the lucky few to have met Random when he called round to her house in Cornist Lane to collect the photograph.

She said: “He saw the picture and he said he thought it was really good because it reflected Courtalds workers in the 1960s and 70s.

“He said he wanted to recreate it and put it on the side of the old Courtalds building.

“When he called round to collect the picture he showed me his work and I knew straight away who he was. I said ‘you’re Random aren’t you?’ and he said ‘yes, but don’t tell anyone’.”

The photograph that Random has recreated shows Vicky and four of her fellow workers at the Courtalds Christmas Party in 1968.

Vicky is in the middle and believes she was about 20 when the picture was taken.

Her colleague Louie Dixon is pictured to Vicky’s left, but she cannot remember the names of the other girls.

She added: “I’m hoping that they might recognise themselves and get in touch.”

Vicky worked at Courtald’s Aber Works for 11 years where she put the wool or yarn on to a bobbin.

Vicky, who is a member of Flint History Society and looks after Flint Castle, is a big fan of Random’s work.

She added: “He is a really talented artist and a very nice man. He said he’s going to do a series of these pictures because he’s fascinated by local people and the jobs they did. I feel really honoured to have been chosen.”

However, Vicky is remaining tight lipped about his true identity.

“I think it’s best to keep him a mystery like the real Banksy,” she said.

The latest portrait has gone up on the old Courtaulds building on Greenfield Dock.

Textiles company Courtaulds employed 10,000 people in Flintshire before its four factories eventually closed in the late 1980s.

The Leader has been following Random’s work across the county.

His previous works include The Miner, The Salmon Fisherman and the Steel Worker.

- If you recognise yourself in the portrait call Leader chief reporter Hayley Collins on 01352 707746 or email hayley.collins@nwn.co.uk.